Dock Equipment

Dock Equipment

We are happy to bring you a full line of dock equipment from Rotary Products–including the edge of dock levelers, pit levelers, loading dock seals, dock bumpers, dock locks and truck restraints, truck shelters, curtain walls, and strip doors.

Truck Shelters

Our Truck Shelters are built to give you full access to the trailer for unloading or loading products. Rotary Products’ custom-built shelters allow full access to docked trailers, unlike a compression seal which takes up space from the pads overlapping the truck opening on the sides.

Dock Locks & Truck Restraints

Your loading dock isn’t complete without a restraint system in place to prevent accidents and unauthorized entry. We offer a wide range of locks and trailer restraints. No matter how many docks you have, be prepared and safe with a restraint system!

Edge Of Dock Levelers

Edge of Dock Levelers is for those with a slight variation between dock and truck heights. Edge of Dock Levelers is used in limited space, with light to medium loads and average to heavy traffic. They are an economical and simplified solution.

Strip Doors

Rotary’s PVC strip doors are a series of transparent, flexible vinyl strips permanently placed in doorways to create a barrier. PVC strip doors permit unrestricted movement between areas while assisting in the efficient passage, climate control, and noise reduction.

Curtain Walls

If you need to partition an area for any number of reasons, the Rotary Products Custom Curtain Wall System can fill your needs. Curtain walls are ideal for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, offices, schools, and institutions, or wherever control over an area is needed.

Pit Levelers

While your loading docks are stationary, at some point, you will encounter a truck or trailer that doesn’t line up, making freight movement almost impossible. What you need are loading dock levelers, also known as pit levelers. These pit levelers come in a variety of styles depending on your needs.

Dock Bumpers

Your loading dock is the lifeline of your business, so protect it with dock bumpers. Dock bumpers come in various configurations and styles based on your needs, including loading dock bumpers, rubber dock bumpers, and extruded dock bumpers. A loading dock bumper is a safeguard for your dock.

Loading Dock Seals

Rotary Products Inc. has been manufacturing quality compression dock seals for 35 years. To craft the finest compression dock seal, we studied our own products’ performance—and our competitors. The studies resulted in an unsurpassed evolution of quality in our industry.

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